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Systems change case studies

Learn about how Wicked Lab's framework and Tool for Systemic Change is being used by universities, governments, social enterprises and businesses to create systems change through a range of case studies.

01 / Systemic Innovaton Lab
University / Research
South West Food Community 

The South West Food Community, led by Edith Cowan University is a Systemic Innovation Lab that focuses on addressing food security in rural Western Australia.

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02 / Transformation Capital
South Australian Disaster Resilence Strategy

The Tool for Systemic Change is being used to measure and strengthen the portfolio of initiatives funded under the South Australia's Disaster Resilience Grants.

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03 / Systemic Innovation Lab
Government of South Australian
City of Marion

Greening Marion is a Systemic Innovation Lab in South Australia focused on addressing greening in the City of Marion.  The lab is a partnership between state and local government - City of Marion and Green Adelaide.

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04 / Thematic social entrepreneurial network
Social Enterprise
Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 4.15.31 pm.png
Moving Feast

Moving Feast is a collective of food-focused social enterprises that have joined forces to transform Victoria’s food system to be fair, connected and regenerative. The collective are using the Tool for Systemic Change to visualise, strengthen and measure their systems change efforts.

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