Mapping Initiatives in Transition Cards

Mapping Initiatives to Focus Areas ​

1. Begin by selecting the Initiative you wish to map. You can do this by either:

  • Selecting it from a Transition Card, or

  • Selecting it from the list on the Initiatives page

2. Once you have selected your Initiative you will see a page called Initiative Characteristics​ 

Here you will see the list of Focus Areas and their associated Initiative Characteristics

Initiatives Characteristic page.png

3. To map an Initiative, select the comment icon and add a comment. The comment icon is found at the end of the Initiative Characteristic text.

4. Once you have entered your comment, select a comment status ('Actual', 'Planned', 'Suggestion / Idea', or 'More Information'). Click here to learn more about comment statuses.

5. Press Save New Comment to ensure your comment is saved.

Mapping Initiatives Comments.png


6. Once you have entered and saved a comment, the Initiative Characteristic text will change colour - blue for an 'Actual' comment, teal for 'Planned', yellow for 'Suggestion', and purple for 'More Information'. (Entering this data will record a time stamp against the comment and tick selection that can be used in reporting later).

7. If you are uncertain about what an Initiative Characteristic means, you can watch short videos by clicking on the Play button next to the Focus Area or Initiative Characteristic text.

Mapping Initiatives Video.png


8. Once you have completed mapping you can return to your Transition Card by selecting the Transition Card Details button on the top right-hand side.​

Here you will be able to see all the Initiatives in your ecosystem and how they map across the Nine Focus Areas

Transition Card.png