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SDGs Alignment Card Reports

There are a number of reports that users can run that supports the tracking and measuring of systemic impact. These include:

  • Stakeholder Report

  • Activity Report

  • Comment Report

  • Initiatives Summary

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SDGs Alignment Card Stakeholder Report

The Stakeholder report provides details on the partnering Organisations working on Initiatives detailed on a SDGs Alignment Card

Stakeholders Report.png


This report breaks down and summarises Stakeholder information in the following ways:

  • By Organisations, the total number of Initiatives they are partnering on and the Sector they are in

  • By Initiatives, the total number of partnering Organisations and the names of these Organisations

  • By Sector, the total number of Organisations in these Sectors and the names of these Organisations

SDGs Stakeholder Report.png


SDGs Alignment Card Activity Report

The Activity Report shows the dynamics of the solution ecosystem over time. It shows the addition and removal of Initiatives SDGs Targets across Initiatives over a period of time.

This report is also useful for highlighting gaps in effort – by summarising the total Initiatives that have included each of the initiatives' SDGs Targets across the seventeen goals. This can be used to highlight those Initiatives' SDGs Targets that may need strengthening.

Activity Report.png


To generate the report:

1. Select the SDGs Alignment Card that you wish to review activity for

2. Select the date range using the Date from and Date to fields

This will generate an Excel spread sheet that includes: 

  • A summary of the SDGs Alignment Card Initiatives activity over the selected period – that is how many Initiatives were added or removed in the period.

  • It also provides a breakdown of the total Initiatives that added or removed Initiatives' SDGs Targets over the selected period.


SDGs Alignment Card Comment Report

This report summarises the last comments saved for a selected status type for all of the Initiatives in a SDGs Alignment Card at a point in time.

To generate the report:
1. Select the
SDGs Alignment Card that you wish to review comments for
2. Select the
Date that you'd like to review all comments up until
3. Select the
 Status type that you'd like to see comments for

SDGs Activity Report New.png
Comments Report.png


This report will enable you to: 

  • Review the summary of comments against Initiatives for the different status types: Actual, Planned, Suggestion / Idea, and More Information

  • Review Initiatives that have selected an Initiatives SDGs Target, but have no saved comment

  • Summarise comments by Initiatives

  • Summarise comments by Initiative SDGs Targets

SDGs Comments Report.png


SDGs Alignment Card Initiatives Summary

A summary of Initiatives for a SDGs Alignment Card can be downloaded using the Print function of the SDGs Alignment Card.

This provides a printed copy of:

  • The selected SDGs Alignment Card including both Planned and Actual activities,

  • A key for the Seventeen Goals and,

  • An Initiatives summary list which includes for each Initiative:

    • Name

    • Description

    • Start and finish date

    • Any associated subsystem tags

To print the Initiatives summary list for a SDGs Alignment Card

1. Select SDGs Alignment Cards from the left-hand side navigation bar

2. Click on the name of the SDGs Alignment Card you wish to Print

3. On the SDGs Alignment Card page, select Print on the right-hand side above the Goals

SDGs Card Print Report.png


4. A PDF will be created which can be printed directly from your browser or downloaded and saved on your local computer. 

5. This PDF will contain:

  • The SDGs Alignment Card and mapping to the Seventeen Goals

  • A summary list of the Initiatives contained in the SDGs Alignment Card

SDGs Card Print pdf.png
SDGs Card Print Legend.png
SDGs Card Print Initiatives.png
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