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Creating Initiatives

1. Creating a new initiative


​1. Select the ‘Initiative’ icon in the left hand side navigation bar

2. Click on “+ Create New” button at the top of the page next to the Initiatives title
















​3. A new page will appear where you will need to enter​

  • The Name of the initiative

  • A Description of the initiative

  • Assign it to a Transition Card

Those marked with * are required fields


















4. Next you will need to assign organisations, that can be done by either:

​5. For those initiatives that have a start and finish date you can enter these dates here

These dates will be used to display or remove initiatives on a Transition Card at a particular date. 
For initiatives that are ongoing you do not need to add a date

6. Enter contact details for the initiative, including contact details such as:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Website

  • Position​

7. Select Create Initiative to save and create the initiative. 



​2. Search, Update or delete an Initiative

Updating Initiatives

  1. Search for an Initiative by typing it into the search bar at the top left-hand corner of the screen

  2. Click "show" alongside the Initiative you wish to update

  3. A new page will appear showing the details of the Initiative

  4. Click on the  “Details” Tab to edit Initiative details.

  5. A new page will appear where details of the Initiative can be edited

  6. To save these updates select "Update Initiative"



Deleting Initiatives

  1. To delete the initiative click “delete” alongside the name of the initiative name on the Initiative summary page

  2. A confirmation message will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to delete the initiative

  3. If you are sure you wish to proceed select “ok”

  4. A success message will appear on the bottom corner of the page confirming the initiative as been deleted. 









Help on importing Initiatives can be found here

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