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Creating Transition Cards

Create a new Transition Card

  1. First select the ‘Transition Card’ icon in the left-hand side navigation bar

  2. Click on “+ Create New”

  3. In the next screen you will see a workflow for creating a Transition Card, which includes:

  • Step 1 Naming the Transition Card

  • Step 2  Assigning a wicked problem or opportunity

  • Step 3 nominate the community the problem/opportunity you are working with

  • Step 4 Create and assign initiatives within the community that are working on the wicked problem/opportunity

  • Step 5 preview and create.

Step 1: Name the Transition Card

  • In the name field enter the name of the Transition Card 














Step 2: Assign a Wicked Problem / Opportunity
Here you can either select a previously saved Wicked Problem / Opportunity or create a new Wicked Problem/ Opportunity















Step 3: Nominate a Community

  • Here you can either select a previously saved Community or create a new Community

  • Select a Community from the pre-populated list, or

  • To learn how to Create a New Community
















Step 4: Create an Initiative

  • Here you will enter the details of the first initiative, add the details outlined in Create an Initiative

  • You can continue to add more Initiatives by selecting "Add additional Initiatives" or you can add these later

  • Once you have added at least one Initiative select "Next"















Step 5: Preview and Create

  • The preview screen will allow you to review and edit the information you have entered before you create the Transition Card.

  • Once you are happy select Create Transition Card to complete the process




















Once created you’ll be brought to the Transition Card where you can begin mapping your initiatives. 






Help on mapping initiatives can be found here

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