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Importing Comments to Initiatives

Step 1. Download data templates for importing comments
To begin the import process you’ll first need to download the comments templates provided below.
This template is an empty CSV sheet ready for you to start populating with data.
Downloadable template:



Step 2. Populate with comment data

Using the template provided you can add comment data for one or multiple initiatives.

​To import data successfully, there are fields that must match - EXACTLY - to the data already in your Transition Card.
These include:

  • The name of your Transition Card

  • The name/s of your Initiatives

Comment Import Spreadsheet.png


Comments for multiple Initiatives 

You can add comments for multiple Initiatives in one upload by adding additional Initiative columns to the CSV template.

​To do this simply:
1. Copy the Initiative column and paste in the next column
2. Repeat as required. 

Step 3. Import comment data

Before you import, you'll need to get your file ready, by:
1. Ensure that the titles of the Transition Card and Initiatives are an exact match to the information already in the Tool
2. Ensure it is saved as a .CSV file

To begin the Comment import process:
1. Go to the Transition Card Page
2. Select 
Import Comments at the top of the page

3. On the new page, select Choose File

Transition Card Import Comments.png


From here you will need to select the file you wish to import.

Transition Card Comments Upload.png


Once your file has been successfully imported you will be able to see in your Transition Card:

  • new Initiative Characteristics ticked off and comments saved

  • existing Initiative Characteristics that have new / updated comments have been saved

Reviewing errors 

If upon importing there were errors with your data, you will see a message like this. 



This table highlights the rows and cells where data does not match.
​In the first row there will be a message that will tell you the error that needs to be corrected - for example Initiative 'School Breakfast' is Invalid.
You will need to review each of these to ensure they are an Exact Match to the names in the Transition Card, save these changes and then reimport the amended records.
Records without errors will have been imported successfully 

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