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Importing Initiatives and Organisations

Step 1. Download data templates for import
To begin the export process you’ll first need to export a copy of your records Initiative or Organisations record or use the templates provided below.
These templates are an empty CSV sheet ready for you to start populating with data.
Downloadable templates:



​Step 2. Populating data

Using the templates provided (or downloaded Initiatives or Organisations lists) add the data you wish to import under each column heading.


​To import data successfully, there are two required fields for both Organisations and Initiatives, which at a minimum need to be completed to finalise the import. These are:
Required fields for Organisations:

  • Name

  • Stakeholder type

Required fields for Initiatives

  • Name

  • Transition Card or SDGs Alignment Card

All other records are not required and if left blank will be imported with no data recorded.
You can come back at any point and update blank fields when you require.

Initiatives Spreadsheet.png


Step 3. Importing Organisations (must be first import)

Before Initiatives can be imported, you must first import your list of Organisations that are working on or partnering with Initiatives. 


Get your file ready:

1. Ensure that you assign a Stakeholder type to the Organisation from the options provided in the template. The app comes with a standard list of Stakeholder types to use. This list can be customised by modifying, adding to, or deleting Stakeholder types. To learn how to edit the list of Stakeholder types click here

NOTE: If you have customised your Stakeholder types you will need to Export, download and populate a new template provided 



To import your saved your list of organisations .CSV file select Choose File. Once you have chosen your saved file, press Import

Screen Shot 2023-01-06 at 2.21.52 pm.png
Import Organisations.png
Import Organisations CSV.png


Once your file has been successfully imported you will see a notice that confirms Organisations records successfully imported

Step 4. Importing Initiatives 

Once you have completed importing your Organisations you are ready to import your list of Initiatives.

Getting your file ready:

1. Ensure that the names partnering Organisations are an exact match across the two saved lists.

2. Ensure that the names of the Subsystem Tags exactly match those saved in your Subsystem Tag lists.


To import your saved Initiatives .CSV file select Choose File. Once you have chosen your saved file, then press Import

Import Organisations.png
Import Initiatives CSV.png


Once your file has been successfully imported you will see a notice that confirms Initiative records successfully imported

Reviewing errors 

If upon importing there were errors with your data, you will see a message like this



This table highlights the rows and cells with incomplete data.

​In the first row, there will be a message that will tell you the error that needs to be corrected - for example Transition Card is Invalid.

You will need to update these cells and then reimport amended records.
Records without errors will have been imported successfully. 

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