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Complex Systems Leadership Program

"Robust, relevant and rigorous! Just a few words I'd use to describe the valuable, engaging, super informative and practical Complex Systems Leadership Program"


Naida Culshaw - Grenoble Ecole de Management

Lead Systemic Change

Leaders need new skills and tools that allow them to take coherent action in addressing wicked problems, and which focus on the interconnected and multi-causal complex community problems. 

The Complex Systems Leadership Program fosters the development of skills and provides participants with tools to hit the ground running. This course is underpinned by an international award-winning model that demonstrates how complexity science can be used to create lasting systemic change for complex social policy problems.

About the program

Are you a systems change practitioner looking for the knowledge, skills and tools to steer systems change? 

​This program is rigorous and evidence rich and designed for participants who want the underpinning evidence for taking a complexity approach to systems change.

This program is ideal for: 

  • Practitioners looking to enrich their evidence-based practice to lead systems change

  • Scholar-System Stewards (Scholar-practitioners)

  • Researchers

  • Evidence-based policy makers (Government)

Structure and delivery 

The Program is self-paced and delivered online over a five-month period and includes monthly mentoring sessions.  During this time participants apply what they learn to address a complex (wicked) problem/s of their choice, in a community, using Wicked Lab's Tool for Systemic Change and nine Focus Areas.  

The Program consists of three units:

Unit 1: Understanding wicked problems

This Unit provides participants with an understanding of the characteristics of complex (wicked) problems, and why a complexity approach is required to address them. 


Unit 2: Tackling wicked problems by building adaptive communities 


This Unit provides participants with the understanding, knowledge and skills required to assist communities to strengthen their adaptive dynamics, and transition to new ways of working that have increased system functioning and performance.



Unit 3: Tackling wicked problems by strengthening the government-community interface


This Unit provides participants with the understanding, knowledge and skills required to assist governments to support systemic community innovation and change.  


Cost is AUD$2200 / €1395 / USD$1650*

*This includes 12mth license the Tool for Systemic Change valued at AUD$1900

Team programs

Give your team the knowledge, skills and tools to embrace complexity with a Complex Systems Leadership Program that is tailored to your team’s needs.

This program can be run for diverse stakeholders or distributed teams whose organisation is building the capacity of a team to lead systems change. 

To learn more contact us on

Next intake

Next Program - No future programs dates set

Program online delivery dates

  • Release Unit 1 Understanding Wicked Problems - to be announced 

  • Release Unit 2: Building the adaptive capacity of communities - to be announced 

  • Release Unit 3: Strengthening the government community interface - to be announced 


Online catch-ups - time to be confirmed based on enrolments

  • Catch up #1 - Introduction - to be announced 

  • Catch up #2 - Unit 1 - to be announced 

  • Catch up #3 - Mid Unit 2 - to be announced 

  • Catch up #4 - Final Unit 2 - to be announced 

  • Catch up #5 - Unit 3 - to be announced 

Hear from  participants

'This is brilliant! I’ve almost graduated as a student of Wicked Lab’s Complex Systems Leadership Program. This program is for anyone interested or involved in influencing, building or leading systemic change. It is grounded in your own real-life initiative/s as the catalyst to build the adaptive capability of your organisation or community.' 

Trish Hanson -Co-Founder ReWonder CoLab & Founder of Urban Mind Studio

"Robust, relevant and rigorous! Just a few words I'd use to describe the valuable, engaging and super informative Complex Systems Leadership Program. Built on a foundation of research, the program offers practitioners like myself multiple connection-making points (videos, articles, added references, live exchanges) helping to name lived experiences, add depth to existing knowledge, and expand my “tool box” on how to embrace the interdependent factors in complex systems. The Wicked Labs tool is intuitive and creates many “ah ha” moments along the way! If you’re interested in shifting systems to better serve communities and society, seriously consider this program."

Naida Culshaw - Lecturer to department People, Organizations and Society, Grenoble Ecole de Management

I would really recommend this course. It was amazing, thought provoking and helped me make sense and reach beyond my boundaries. Emily Humphreys and Dr Sharon Zivkovic made such a great and complementary teaching team, and the cohort aspect - learning from others - is such an important opporunity to learn from others across the world working with different change making challenges. Love you both and #WickedLab for the amazing journey!

Dianne Dredge, PhD - Founder The Tourism CoLab

​"The course has been an incredible complement to my study and work in ‘design for transitions’ and has given me a richer understanding of the ‘how’ of change-making at scale. The Tool for Systemic Change is simple to use with smart functionality and I’m now using it to both inform the design of new initiatives as well as to map the impact of initiatives on a system at large."

Dr Nikki Wallace, Net-Zero Lab

"I would definitely recommend this program! It is so applied, which is vital because the content is quite different to what I’ve studied before. I have also really enjoyed the format of the online program - there is a good mix of videos, podcasts, lectures and face to face videoconference - so you are accountable! "

Dr Stephanie Godrich, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition in the School of Medical and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University 

"I would definitely recommend the program.  An understanding of complex systems leadership theories have given me more confidence in approaching communities, and has allowed me to better articulate the complexity of communities and food security within our local context."  Read more...

Jessica Flynn, Community Development Officer - City of Onkaparinga

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