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Online Consulting Services

In addition to the mentoring provided in each of Wicked Lab's capacity-building programs, we also offer online consulting services to support people who are looking for complexity and systems thinking advice on projects, publications, documents and coaching. 


To access the services, you simply select the type of session you require, select a time and finalise payment online.

Project Advice

Are you leading a systems change project and have a question, a challenge, or an opportunity you would like to discuss?

Document Review

Would you like one of our staff to give you some comments and suggestions for something you are writing, such as a book, a paper, a proposal?


Tool for Systemic Change coaching

Have you reviewed the user help guides but have specific questions about the Tool and how it can be best utilised to support your organisation or project?

Publication Advice

Are you working on a publication or another writing project that involves systems thinking and complexity and have a question about it? 

System change coaching

Are you at a point in your systems change practice that personalised coaching to support could help you move forward?

Personalised data collection coaching

Do you need advice and support with data collection for your systems change project? 

Book an online consulting session with us

Types of online sessions we offer...

Screen Shot 2023-03-16 at 12.52.30 pm.png

We offer three types of sessions

  • Consultation without preparation

  • Consultation with some preparation, such as reviewing a document (max.10 pages)

  • Webinar for up to 25 people


Each session is an hour.


You can book a session below:

  • Select the service you want

  • Click on "Book now"

  • Select the time that works for you

  • Click "Pay now"

  • If you booked a session with prep, send us material to review at least 5 days in advance

If your situation makes these prices cost-prohibitive, you can apply for a partial scholarship here.

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