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Newsletter 2018

Wicked Lab's 2018 Australian Research Scholarship Recipient

​We are thrilled to announce the recipient of Wicked Lab's 2018 Australian Research Scholarship to attend our first Complex System Leadership Program for 2018 is Dr Stephanie Godrich of Edith Cowan University. Stephanie has been researching food insecurity among rural/remote children in Australia and is a lecturer of Public Health and Nutrition in the School of Medical and Health Sciences. Through participating in the program, Stephanie will gain the knowledge and tools to expand her research by taking a complex adaptive systems approach to the wicked problem of food insecurity. Stephanie will join a cohort of participants from Europe, New Zealand and Australia who are all motivated to create systemic change when addressing wicked problems such as unsustainable development, family violence, place based disadvantage and food insecurity. Applications for our 2019 Australian Research Scholarships will open late 2018.

Product news

Tool for Systemic Change – New features

In recent months we have released 2 new features to the Tool for Systemic Change:

  • Transition Cards now include Wicked Opportunities

Wicked Problems are now listed as Wicked Problems / Opportunities. This provides users with the option to take a strength-based approach to addressing their complex problems if required.

  • Copy and merge Transition Cards

Users now have the ability to copy and merge (bring together) Transition cards. This new feature support users to adjust their boundaries and bring Transition Cards together when / if needed. Want to see the tool in action? Email us at

Next webinar

Addressing Wicked Problems: Wicked Lab’s approach

​Learn how to address wicked problems using Wicked Lab's Tool for Systemic Innovation & Change in this 45 min free webinar. Presented by Dr Sharon Zivkovic and Emily Humphreys, In this webinar you'll learn why wicked problems can't be addressed with just projects and programs.We will illustrate why a complexity approach is best suited to addressing wicked problems, and demonstrate how communities and governments can take such an approach.

Next program

Registrations open for next Complex Systems Leadership Program

With February’s program now underway registrations for the August program are now open. Kicking off early August 2018, the Complex Systems Leadership Program provides you with the knowledge, skills and tools for addressing complex (wicked) problems. The Program is self-paced and delivered online over a six-month period. During the program you’ll apply your complex systems learnings to addressing a complex (wicked) problem of your choice using Wicked Lab's Tool for Systemic Change and nine Focus AreasFocus Areas.

International engagements

Open eyes institute (Netherlands) –May 28th 2018

Dr Sharon Zivkovic, CIO of Wicked Lab, will be presenting a Master class for Systemic Journalism students at the Open Eyes Institute in Amsterdam Monday ay 28th. This session will discuss the importance of tacking an ecosystem approach for systemic impact based on complexity principles.Learn more about the Open Eyes Institute here.

Windesheim University (Netherlands) - May 29th 2018

The University of Windeshiem, Netherlands will host Dr Sharon Zivkovic this coming May for a Master class on Dealing with Uncertainty in Complex Situations. Sharon will be presenting a case study on social inclusion using Wicked Lab’s Tool for Systemic Change.

The University of New Castle (United Kingdom) - May 31/June 1st 2018

The University of New Castle, United Kingdom will host Wicked Lab this coming May for 2 days of collaboration, networking and discussion on complexity science and social innovation lab opportunities. Learn more about the The University of New Castles Living Labs here


Papers presented in the Social Innovation and Complexity Stream at the International Social Innovation Research Conference:

Zivkovic, S (2017), ‘Addressing wicked problems through a transdisciplinary complexity approach’, paper to the 9th International Social Innovation Research Conference, Swinburne University, of Birmingham, 12-14 December Zivkovic, S (2017), ‘Determining the influence of a complex systems leadership program’, paper to the 9th International Social Innovation Research Conference, Swinburne University, of Birmingham, 12-14 December

Software Demonstration at International Social Innovation Research Conference

Emily Humphreys, CEO of Wicked Lab, recently had the opportunity to demonstrate its Online Tool for Systemic Change to the complexity stream at the Social Innovation Research Conference. ​

Forthcoming presentation at the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP)

Wicked Lab's Dr Sharon Zivkovic will be presenting at this years 16th AESOP Planning and Complexity Meeting in Groningen (May 23-25, 2018). Held at the University of Gronigen Netherlands, this meeting focuses on how complexity sciences are being used in urban planning and governance. Sharon's will be presenting her paper Social Innovation Labs: a complex adaptive system and systemic innovation approach, where she will discuss how Social Innovation Labs that follow the complex adaptive systems (CAS) theory-social innovation trajectory are better suited to addressing wicked problems.

10th International Social Innovation Research Conference – call for papers Social Innovation and Complexity

The call for papers and panels is now open for the 10th International Social Innovation Research Conference to be held at Ruprecht-karls-university in Heidelberg Germany September 3-5, 2018. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Bridging Social and Business Innovation’, and the Social Innovation and Complexity Stream is particularly interested in papers that explore the role of complexity theory for social innovation that draws on the use of complexity theory in the fields of management and organization studies.


Zivkovic, S. (2017), ‘Addressing food insecurity: a systemic innovation approach’, Social Enterprise Journal, 13(3), 243 - 250 Zivkovic, S. (2017), “How can Education for Sustainability create systemic change”. In Corcoran, P.B., Weakland, J., and Wals, A.E.J. (eds), Envisioning Futures for Environmental and Sustainability Education, Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen.


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