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Newsletter October 2021

Product News

Tool for Systemic Change *NEW* Comment Status - Planned Vs Actual

The Tool for Systemic Change now enables users to assign a status to a comment saved against Initiative Characteristics. This new feature provides users with improved Transition Cards card visualisation and detailed reporting via four status types for comments: Planned, Actual, More Information, and Suggestion / Idea. User guides to the new feature can be found here

Program News

October Complex Systems Leadership Program.

A big welcome to the October Complex Systems Leadership Program intake. What an incredible bunch of researchers and social entrepreneurs we have from joining us from Australia, Colombia, the United States, and New Zealand. You can learn more about the program and register your interest to be part of the next cohort here

*New* One-day kick-starter workshop

​Is your organisation new to, or interested in, taking a complexity approach to systems change in order to tackle wicked problems? Wicked Lab's new one-day kick-starter workshop will help you take that first step. Learn more

Conferences + Presentations

Social Enterprise World Forum 2021 Academic Forum

The Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) Academic Forum held 16-17 November, aims to advance the impact of research through innovation in knowledge translation, action research and boosting opportunities for work-integrated learning. Wicked Lab is delighted to share that both CEO Emily Humphreys and CIO Dr Sharon Zivkovic will be presenting in two separate sessions: 1. Measuring systems change towards a fair, regenerative, and connected food system in Victoria. Presented by Emily Humphreys (Wicked Lab) and Kate Barrelle (STREAT) 2. Supporting social enterprise thematic groups to address the SDGs by adding an SDGs mapping feature to Wicked Lab’s software Presented by Dr Sharon Zivkovic Learn more about the SEWF Academic Forum here

International Social Innovation Research Conference

The 13th International Social Innovation Research Conference was convened by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, 8-10 September. The theme of the conference was 'Enabling the change! Social innovation and enterprises for a better future'. Dr Sharon Zivkovic presented a paper titled 'Addressing wicked problems and university-community engagement barriers by supporting social entrepreneurial scholar-practitioners’, which you can read in full here

5th Research Workshop "Changing social enterprises in changing territories: A multi-level perspective"

This workshop, convened by the University of Zagreb in Croatiac on 28-29 Jun, 2021, focused on the place and role of social enterprises in multi-level and complex governance systems and on the ways these systems support the emergence, development and transformation of social enterprises. Wicked Lab’s Dr Sharon Zivkovic presented a paper titled 'Embedding social enterprise in an urban greening solution ecosystem' which you can read in full here

Publications News

Zivkovic, S. (2021), ‘A practitioner tool for developing and measuring the results of interventions', Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability, Vol. 16, No. 1.​


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