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Strengthening and measuring systems change with Moving Feast

Wicked Lab has begun collaborating with Moving Feast to build the capacity of a core team of partners to take a complexity approach to system change and track the transition of the system as a result of their systems change work. Moving Feast is an Australian system innovation project catalysed by the social enterprise sector to transition the Victorian food system to become fair and regenerative. The Moving Feast team are using the Tool to enable the social enterprises within Moving Feast to visualise and measure the contribution towards systems change of their portfolio of system change projects, and to visualise and measure the systems adaptive dynamics and ecosystem structure. These insights are being used to strengthen individual, and collective systems change efforts. Kate Barrelle (Chief Impact Officer and Cofounder, Streat) and Emily Humphreys (CEO and Cofounder, Wicked Lab) presented on this work at the Social Enterprise World Forum 2021 Academic Forum.


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