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Share Transition Cards

Share or embed a Transition Card

1. Select Transition Cards from the left-hand side navigation bar

2. Click on the name of the Transition Card you wish to share or embed

3. On the Transition Card page, select Share on the right-hand side above the Focus Areas

Transition Card Share.png


4. A dialogue box will appear. Here you can either:

  • Copy the Direct Link to the Transition Card, which you can share via email or use to link to from anywhere


  • Copy the Embed on your website, which will provide you with an iFrame code which you can embed on your website (contact your website administrator for more information on how to do this with you specific website).

There are 2 versions of iFrames:

1. iFrame (Simple) that is non-responsive (doesn’t change to screen size i.e mobile, tablet, laptop

2. iFrame (responsive) adjusts its size-dependent of screen size

Transition Card Share Pop Up.png
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