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Create and assign subsystem tags

​​Subsystem tags enable users to filter initiatives on a Transition Card by one or more tags. These tags can be assigned to initiatives to identify the one or many causal factors the initiative is tackling. These tags can then be used to filter initiatives on a  Transition Card – and when applied will display those initiatives that are addressing different casual factors (or subsystems tags) of the wicked problem you are addressing.


Create a new Subsystem tag ​

  1. First, select the ‘Subsystem tag ’ icon in the left-hand side navigation bar

  2. Click on “+ new Subsystem tag ” at the top of this new page

  3. A new page will appear where you will need to enter:

  • The name of the Subsystem tag

  • And a brief description of the Subsystem tag

  1. Once you have entered these two pieces of information select “Create Subsystem tag ”

  2. A success message will appear at the bottom right-hand side of the screen that confirms the Subsystem tag has been created.

  3. You will also see the new Subsystem tag listed on the Subsystem Tag pages.













Assigning Subsystem tags

Subsystem tags can be added to initiatives at any time, either at the time of creation after it has been created or via in a bulk upload of initiatives. 

Lets look at each of these; adding to a new initiative, an existing initiative, via a Transition Card or through a importing bulk Initiatives

New Initiatives:

  1. To assign a subsystem tag to a new initiative, you add the tags on the Create initiative page when creating a Transition Card. Here you simply either:

  2. click “select existing” and choose from the drop-down list

  3. or select “create new subsystem tag”






















Existing Initiatives: 

  1. To update an existing initiative, select Initiatives from your LHS navigation bar

    1. Click on the initiative you want to assign subsystems to

    2. Next click on the “details tab”

    3. Here you will be brought to the page where you can either

      • click “select existing subsystem” and choose from the drop-down list

        • or select “create new subsystem tag”

      • Then select Update Initiatives.


Initiatives via Transition Cards

  1. Subsystem tags can also be added to initiatives via Transition Cards. To do this select the transition card want to update, and click on the initiatives you wish to assign subsystem tags. Here you can apply the same process as before, by either

    1. click “select existing” and choose from the drop-down list

  2. or select “create new subsystem tag”

  3. Then select Update Initiatives.


Bulk import of Initiatives
To learn how to assign subsystem tags when doing bulk uploads, watch/read the bulk upload user guides here

Update a Subsystem tag

  1. Select Subsystem Tag on the left-hand side navigation

  2. Find the Subsystem Tag you wish to update and click on “Modify”

  3. Here you will be able to update the name and description of the tag. Note any changes made will be applied to Transition Cards and Initiatives that have this Subsystem Tag assigned.

  4. To complete the changes select “Update”



Deleting Subsystem Tags

  1. Go to the Subsystems Tag page by selecting the icon on the left-hand side navigation

  2. To delete a Subsystem tag click “delete” alongside the Subsystem tag you wish to remove

  3. A confirmation message will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to delete the Subsystem tag

  4. If you are sure you wish to proceed select “ok”

  5. A success message will appear on the bottom corner of the page confirming the Subsystem tag as been deleted. 

Note: Deleting a Subsystem tag will remove it from any Transition card or initiative it was associated with

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