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Systemic Innovation Lab

Build the capacity of a

core team to lead a Systemic Innovation Lab

A lab for addressing wicked problems

Systemic Innovation Labs aim to address wicked problems by transitioning systems through a multi-stakeholder and systemic design process. This new lab type is designed specifically for addressing wicked problems and supports practitioners to take a complexity, solution ecosystem and systemic innovation approach. 

Wicked Lab has developed a methodology to support core teams to implement a Systemic Innovation Lab. This six-stage methodology is called FEMLAS. The six stages of the FEMLAS process are: Form, Explore, Map, Learn, Address and Share

​What is a Systemic Innovation Lab? 

A lab is a process that supports multi-stakeholder groups to come together within a place for safe experimentation and practice. They enable small-specialised teams to undertake a structured process for creating innovation. 

Systemic Innovation Lab's brings together all of the key features recommended for addressing wicked problems, which are:

  • focus on addressing complex problems,

  • take a place-based transition approach,

  • enable coherent action by diverse actors,

  • involve users as co-creators,

  • support a networked governance approach and

  • recognise government as an enabler of change 

​Systemic Innovation Lab elective

Wicked Lab’s Systemic Innovation Lab unit is an elective to the Complex Systems Leadership Program or Ecosystem Transition Program and builds the capacity of your team to take a systemic innovation approach to labs

​The elective guides the core team through a six-stage methodology called FEMLAS, Wicked Lab’s methodology to support Systemic Innovation Labs. 

The elective supports project-based learning, where the core team will: 

  • Engage their solution eco-system (community) in creating systemic change through establishing a Systemic Innovation Lab. 

  • Map the solution ecosystem of a chosen wicked problem using Wicked Lab’s online Tool for Systemic Change

  • Co-design innovations that strengthen initiatives and interventions within the solution ecosystem to create systems change

  • Improve how governments, elected members and communities come together to create systems change

This elective is ideal for organisations and governments that are partnering with communities to create systems change for wicked problems. The elective content is delivered online with mentoring sessions to support the project work and the roll out of the Lab. 
​Get in touch at and find out how we can create a tailored program to suit your organisational needs.


Team programs

Price starts from AUD$2200 / €1395 / USD$1650*

*This includes 12mth license for the Tool for Systemic Change valued at AUD$1900

This program can be run for diverse stakeholders or distributed teams who’s organisation is building the capacity of a team to lead systems change. 

To learn more contact us at

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