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Systems Change Features

Wicked Lab’s Tool for Systemic Change can help you address wicked problems. The online tool enables you to visualise, strengthen and measure your solution ecosystem's transition.

Visualise your system

The Tool for Systemic Change enables you to map and visualise a solution ecosystem. By visualising the initiatives and organisations within the system, stakeholders can take coherent action to address a wicked problem. 

The Tool for Systemic Change provides users with two types of ecosystem visualisions; Transition Cards and Ecosystem Maps. Transition Cards visualise the dynamics of a solution ecosystem by mapping initiatives to Wicked Lab's nine Focus Areas for systems change. Ecosystem Maps visualise the structure of the network of partnering organisations that are collaborating on initiatives. Both features provide insights into how initiatives and organisations can strengthen their system transition efforts. 

Strengthen your system

Discover how your solution ecosystem is performing and what actions could be taken to strengthen it using The Tool for Systemic Change.

The Tool provides insights into how to strengthen both the dynamics and structure of your ecosystem. Transition Cards enable stakeholders to see their place within the system, their contributions to the system's transition and where targeted action could strengthen the system. Ecosystem maps provide stakeholders with insights into the structure of the system, it's patterns of connectivity; and which organisations can most effectively disseminate information.  Both of these features can be used to take targeted action to strengthen the transition process.

Measure systems change

Solution ecosystems are dynamic, adaptive, and constantly changing. The Tool for Systemic Change enables you to track and measure changes to your system's dynamics over time.

Users can generate a range of reports within the Tool providing insights into what initiatives, organisations, and system dynamics have changed over time. 

Watch it in action

Learn more about the key features and benefits of the Tool for Systemic Change in the overview video, the Transition Card summary and the Ecosystem Map summary.

Transition Cards

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 4.07.31 pm.png

Ecosystem Map

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 2.57.55 pm.png

SDGs Features

Visualise, strengthen and measure your solution ecosystem's contribution to the SDGs and targets.

The two new features include an SDGs Alignment Card and Thematic SDGs Network Map. SDGs Alignment Cards will enable you to visualise and measure your solution ecosystem's contribution to the 17 SDGs and 169 targets. The Thematic SDGs Network Map feature will enable you to see the interrelationship between thematic goals and targets providing insights into where action could be taken to increase your contribution to other SDGs.

Wicked Lab’s Tool for Systemic Change was selected as a World Summit Award 2021 Winner for its unique approach to visualising, strengthening and measuring complex systems.
This UN-initiated award provides a snapshot of the leading global digital solutions that are contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). 

Licensing + pricing


Transition Card features are licensed exclusively as part of the Complex Systems Leadership Program and Ecosystem Transition Program and is included in the participant price each program.


All Transition Card accounts include SDGs features and Ecosystem map features.


Graduates of the program are able to renew annually with pricing starting from AUD$125 p/mth 

(€ 80 inc VAT)


Pricing is based on the number of cards, users and whether the account holder is For Purpose, Corporate or Academic use.


Please contact us for a full price list

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