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Kick-starter workshop

Kick-start your systems change journey using complexity with this introductory workshop for teams and collaborations.

About the workshop

This one-day workshop introduces participants to the complexity-approach for systems change and other theories underpinning Wicked Lab’s approach.
The workshop is designed to build participant's understanding of why wicked problems can't be addressed with just projects and programs. It illustrates why a complexity, solution ecosystem and systemic innovation approach is best suited to addressing wicked problems, and demonstrates how communities and governments can work this way.

Structure and delivery

​Participants will be taken through a combination of presentation materials and exercises which cover:

  • Different types of problems: simple, complicated, complex and wicked

  • Approaches for addressing these different problem types

  • Academic and practitioner interest in taking a complexity approach

  • How to take a complexity approach to create systems change

  • Wicked Lab’s approach to addressing wicked problems and how it can be used

  • Establishing a boundary and mapping the solution ecosystem 

  • Systems change measurement and how Wicked Lab’s Tool for Systemic Change reports support this

Participants will learn how Wicked Lab’s Tool provides:

  • Visibility of solution ecosystems

  • Measurement of ecosystem dynamics

  • Insights into how to strengthen solution ecosystem

The workshop can be delivered online or face to face

Who should attend

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Organisations new to or interested in taking a complexity approach for creating systems change

  • Diverse stakeholder or distributed teams who are steering systems change strategies and want to learn how to measure system transitions


 $6500 Inc. GST up to 25 participants 


Price does not include travel expenses 
This workshop can be delivered online or face-to-face. 


Hear from past participants

This program allows you to stand back, zoom out and see the whole picture. Which can be terrifying but is the only way to wrap your head around all of it. The Wicked Lab team are brilliant.

Dr Kate Barrelle - Cofounder and Chief Impact Officer Streat

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