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📣 News about the Tool for Systemic Change and Wicked Lab

2024 will see The Tool for Systemic Change's source code and data configuration was made available under an "open" license 🥂 🎉

This will enable us to grow our impact by making the software's source code available to anyone who wants to use it as long as they make updates available to the public and publish attributions for its use.

What is an open license?

An Open license of the Tool for Systemic Change will enable collaboration, development, access, and inspiration from the Tool’s code to take place without requiring the authors to give up rights (copyright) and through attribution to authors.

Does this mean the Tool will be free?

Yes and No.

Whilst the source code will now be made available for free, hosting, managing and servicing a ‘copy of the code’ requires time and resources.

Wicked Lab's development partner Eventide Systems will provide this as a 'turn-key' service for a license fee to our existing and any new clients, enabling continuity of service and the community of users to grow.

What will happen to Wicked Lab?

At the end of 2023, Wicked Lab will be closing its doors.

When we entered the sector 8 years ago, there was very little understanding of wicked problems, systems change and complexity. We are incredibly proud of the contribution we have made to increasing knowledge and skills in this space, and we are delighted to leave the Tool's code as an open-source gift to the community.

We want to share our deep and heartfelt gratitude for all the support you all have given us over the years and look forward to crossing paths with you in our next chapters.

Any questions related to the Tool for Systemic Change and open source questions please contact

Thank you and good bye

The Wicked Lab team 👋




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