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Landscape of Practice Lab

A systemic approach that supports the transitioning of a complex landscape of practice

The need

Addressing complex (wicked) problems and opportunities such as homelessness, drug and alcohol dependency, and disability entrepreneurship requires the bringing together of diverse individuals and organisations that have different approaches to addressing issues.  These stakeholders include people with lived experience of the target issue, service delivery organisations, the social enterprise sector, and other individuals and organisations that can provide support.


While it is not realistic for these different stakeholders to become competent in each other’s approach to practice, it is possible to increase the cohesion of their combined approach and create systemic change through the facilitation of a place-based Systemic Landscape of Practice Lab. 

Systemic Landscape of Practice Labs

Systemic Landscape of Practice Labs are informed by a range of theories, including:

  • complex systems leadership theories, and

  • social learning theory’s landscapes of practice.


Complex systems leadership theories are based on complexity sciences. They consider leadership to be a process embedded in all the interactions amongst stakeholders in a system and provide a framework within which stakeholders can learn, interact, and adapt to maximise their effectiveness in solving complex problems.


Landscapes of practice bring together individuals and organisations from diverse practices to create the knowledgeability that is required to address complex (wicked) problems. Knowledgeability does not imply competence in all the practices in a landscape, but rather it is the insights and relationships that a stakeholder has with other areas of practice in a landscape of practice. 

About the Masterclass

This 3 hr Masterclass will introduce participants to the Systemic Landscape of Practice approach.


The Masterclass is designed to build participants understanding of why a Systemic Landscape of Practice Lab is required for complex (wicked) problems and opportunities that:

  • lack alignment between the initiatives of different practice approaches,

  • have no initiatives that cross the boundaries that are in-between different practice approaches, and

  • require the cultivation of initiatives that are informed by other practice areas.

Learning outcomes

During the Masterclass, participants will be taken through a combination of presentation materials and exercises which include:

  • identifying types of wicked problems where a Systemic Landscape of Practice Lab approach is required

  • exploring the 6 stages of the Systemic Landscape of Practice Lab approach

  • understanding how Wicked Lab’s Tool for Systemic Change (image below) can be used to visualise, measure, and strengthen the systems change created by Systemic Landscape of Practice Labs.

Date and Price

The masterclass will be held on Thursday 7th September 2023 1 -4pm ACST

Cost is per participant and discounted for those with a current Tool for Systemic Change license.

  • Cost with a current license -  Early bird $350 / after 30th June $390

  • Cost with no licence -   Early bird $490 / after 30th June $540


The price includes access to the online masterclass, access to the recorded session and copies of the PDF materials cover in the class.


Participants of the July 2023 Complex Systems Leadership Program

will receive a free place in this Masterclass.

Team programs

Give your team the knowledge, skills and tools to embrace complexity with a Systemic Landscape of Practice Labs that is tailored to your team’s needs.

This program can be run for diverse stakeholders or distributed teams whose organisation is building the capacity of a team to lead systems change. 

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